Coach Kelly

I thought that a coaching change was needed. Too many times of turnovers. Coaching should have been able to stop the 14 point loss. Coach Kelly puts such pressure on Rees if he throws it away that Tom throws bad balls


2 thoughts on “Coach Kelly

  1. I think that Coach Kelly owes his assistant Coach, the fans, the College and National Football an apology for his out of Control actions on the sidelines with his almost reckless actions chastizing his coach shown on television! His coach walked away and Kelly kept following his to the point it looked as though he was going to lay his hands on him or pull him around. Kelly will not lose his job for poor game performance he Will though for his temper. Noticed the AD talking to him at the end of the game. It’s as though he is there to keep Kelly under control. Disappointed in ND to let this kind of action appear to the world. I want to win with a CONTROLLED Coach. Holtz never exibited these actions!!!!

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